Inbeon Con 2017 For Artists, By Artists Live Coverage


Inbeon Con is Long Island’s Comic Con for Artists! We were inspired by anime, comics, cosplay & gaming and met some amazing local artists, costume designers, animators & game developers. Featuring creator Eric Hutchison, we

Actor Christian Frazier

Finding Work As An Actor With Christian Frazier


This week on the Imperfect Podcast we are talking to actor and comedian Christian Frazier. He’s best known for his work as Henry Weaver on FOX’s Gotham. Having had the opportunity to meet Christian face

Zombie Office

Inside Zombie Office Interactive Horror Video Game


Today we talk with Jean Francois Rouze. Jean is the co-founder of a video production company and a video game agency. The production company was founded when Jean was only 22 years old. Now they

Rey Gutierrez Pitchfork Cinematographer

Rey Gutierrez Cinematographer of Indie Horror Pitchfork


Download the entire Rey Gutierrez Interview   Get access to weekly interviews, film making tips and indie film news. This week on the Imperfect Podcast we talk with Rey Gutierrez. Rey is the cinematographer of

Green Day Music Video Animator

Green Day Music Video Animator Ariel Costa


Green Day’s latest album Revolution Radio has taken off like wildfire, fueled by the success of the first single Bang Bang. Green Day released two videos and the first to hit was the animated lyric video. These

Actor Marshall Teague

Interview with Actor Marshall Teague


Download the Marshall Teague Interview: This week’s guest on the Imperfect Podcast is actor Marshall Teague. Marshall is a Navy veteran, a gentleman and a scholar. He has 114 acting credits to his name, that

Lookouts Short Film

‘Lookouts’ Short Film Director David Bousquet


We had the good fortune to interview David Bousquet (pronounced “Boo-Skay”), Director and Director of Photography and Editor of the short film, LOOKOUTS. David Bousquet is a uniquely skilled director, editor, and photographer who uses

Actor Kyle Hester

Indie Film Actor Kyle Hester Interview


Insights & Highlights from the Kyle Hester Interview  First of all, Kyle is one of the nicest guys you are going to meet in the indie film world. He’s got a wealth of knowledge from the