Short Films


This short was originally shown in private screenings alongside several other short films by Heckler Kane Creations back in 2015. We drew inspiration from Joe’s dog at the time who was named Charley. Although the original Charley was a basset hound, the star of the film was a Bernese Mountain Dog named Roxi. 


Jarred wakes up to the worst day of his life only to meet his new best friend. While leaving in a rush Jarred accidentally backs his car  into a dog named Charley. Thinking the dog was dead he attempts to find the owners only to realize Charley was alive and well. He goes through a series of mishaps to try to reunite Charley with his family.

The Drop Off

We are officially releasing our short film the drop off from the Winter Film Awards 48 hour challenge. This was originally released on Winter Film Awards channel but we are delivering a directors cut on our own channel for our fans. This film was entirely made in 48 sleepless hours and then we re-cut, fixing a few errors from the original that was released. We learned so much from this challenge and would like to thank everyone who helped us out with this amazing experience.

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You can check out some photos from the set here:



A Sort Horror Film By Heckler Kane Creations (NSFW). This is one you don’t want to watch alone!

This horror film follows the story of Colin who awakes boud to a chair in a madman’s basement. Colin is subjected to horrible torcher for three days before Morgan reveals a twist that could change Colin for ever. This short was released on Halloween 2014  to YouTube and was acknowledged on IMDB less than a month later legitimizing the work. It was also accepted and shown at the 2016 Long Island International Film Expo.  There are several behind the scene (BTS) videos on our YouTube Channel that chronicle the journey of the making of the film and also our blooper reel from the movie. You can also check out the trailer here.


The Picnic

A short film by Heckler Kane Creations

The Picnic a silent short film by Heckler Kane Creations (from The short Film “Foley”). This was filmed a year in advance of the Foley project due to scheduling conflicts. The Picnic had full  six page script separate from the Foley script although key points were mentioned in it. There was written dialogue for the actors to deliver yet about one third of what made it to film was improvised by the actors. Although this was intended to be on in the background of another short film, we decided to release it because it stands on its own. The Picnic stars Krysta Ferrara, Joe Kane and Chris Senia in a traditional love triangle struggle. This is a tip of the hat honoring all of the classic silent films and one of our cinematic heroes Charlie Chaplin. The Short was directed by Wayne Heckler and Joe Kane. The Assistant to the director was Dan Kane and the Music featured on the project was by Kevin Macleod.
Please hit us up and let us know what you think.
You can check out some photos from the set here:


Dinner originally appeared in one of our how to shows entitled Hollywood Know How. This was shot as a how to cut someone’s throat on camera (obviously cinematically)and lifted from the show and re-edited as a short comedic spoof of the long form commercials.  Not knowing weather to laugh or wince is basic concept behind this short. Click here for a look at the Hollywood Know How that it came from.   Hey if you like the series tweet us @hecklerkaneinc We could be convinced to bring it back.


Bait follows three friends going on a long overdue fishing trip when trouble catches them. This was filmed as a challenge for a competition to create a “lost footage” film with our spin on it. Although very short, it fell under the guidelines we were given. This was a great exercise of filming with zero budget, no time and lots of given parameters. This short film stars Joe Kane, Dan Kane and Sal Conca with a cameo from Wayne Heckler and yes if it sounds familiar we are also the ones who brought you the Imperfect Podcast.


More To Come….