Inside The Killing Season on A&E with Josh Zeman & Rachel Mills

Killing Season A&E

This week on the Imperfect Podcast we talk with Josh Zeman & Rachel Mills who developed the docu-series The Killing Season on A&E. The show is produced by Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney. The Killing Season delves into the terrifying connections between five unsolved serial killer cases.

The series hopes to raise awareness and provide potential closure to the victims families for crimes unsolved. The first two episodes investigate the infamous Gilgo Beach Murders right here in our own backyard by the Long Island Serial Killer aka LISK. If you have details relating to any of the cases we recommend you visit

Inside The Killing Season on A&E

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The Killing Season

Preview: Inside The Killing Season with Josh Zeman & Rachel Mills

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Josh Zeman of The Killing Season on A&E

Joshua Zeman has been at the forefront of the true crime genre for the past decade. His critically acclaimed horror documentary CROPSEY, a critic’s pick with The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Roger Ebert, was called “one of the year’s best documentaries” and “one of the scariest films of the year” in 2011. Off the success of CROPSEY, Zeman created KILLER LEGENDS for NBC Universal, an anthology series that examines true crimes that have inspired our scariest urban legends. Premiering as both the #1 downloaded documentary and horror film on iTunes in July of 2014, KILLER LEGENDS has since become one of the most watched true crime documentaries on both Netflix and Hulu.

As a narrative writer, Zeman received a MacDowell Colony Fellowship as well as the 2013 San Francisco Film Society Screenwriting Award for his screenplay, Collider. As a producer/co-producer, some of Zeman’s past credits include THE STATION AGENT (Audience Award and Screenwriting Award, Sundance Film Festival), MYSTERIOUS SKIN (Venice Film Festival, nominated for IFP Gotham Award), THE HAWK IS DYING (Sundance Film Festival, Directors Fortnight, Cannes) and AGAINST THE CURRENT (Sundance Film Festival). Zeman was also the recipient of the Sundance Creative Producing Fellowship.

Rachel Mills of The Killing Season on A&E

Rachel Mills began her career in filmmaking at the much-lauded Edit Center, in New York City. As Director of The Edit Center, Mills selected and shepherded such documentary and narrative films as: WINTER’S BONE, GREGORY CREWDSON: BRIEF ENCOUNTERS, and GARBAGE DREAMS. In 2010, Mills moved into producing with A MATTER OF TASTE, a feature documentary profiling famed chef Paul Liebrandt, which premiered on HBO. TASTE won a James Beard Award and also garnered an Emmy nomination.

In 2013, Mills partnered with award-winning filmmaker Joshua Zeman to produce and co-star in KILLER LEGENDS, a documentary investigating true crimes that have inspired our scariest urban legends. Most recently, Mills produced MAVIS!, a documentary on gospel/soul music legend and civil rights icon Mavis Staples and her family singing group, the Staple Singers. The film received critical acclaim after its SXSW premiere in 2015, being named “one of the best music documentaries of this decade” by Paste Magazine. HBO picked up the film soon after and in February of 2015, MAVIS! had its broadcast premiere.



  1. I’m watching the last episode and the Cleveland murders. I think the one murder of Jazime was a episode on the First 48. She was on her way to work and found in a house. Thought it was a coworker because of her cell phone record. He wasn’t charged in the show anyways. I don’t think they ever found out.

  2. I was almost killed by William Reese at the Texas City TX exit ramp April 3 1986. I have gone to the authorities FBI local police, state police, Tim Miller who started a search group since his daughter was found buried and shot. Also just recently channel 13 local news. No one except our local channel 13 news would listen to me. It has been too long so channel 13 was not able to confirm my contacts.

    William Reese had pulled a gun to my head and thank God I lived. I also had my boyfriend with me at the time and he also almost died.

    Just recently William Reese gave up women he killed in Texas and Ok. Many of the bodies found prior to William Rees’s confession that had been shot in the back of the head and buried in what is known as the killing fields.

    I can put a gun in William Reese’s hand since 1986 (in which most of the women died from) but no one wants to hear me now and listen to me than.

    I am hoping to provide this information. I know that William Reese was killing since April 3 1986 the day I almost died.

    I have been watching The Killing Season and many memories of that day still affect me. It is sad to me that back in 1986 I went to all the authorities including the FBI and so did my boyfriend at that time. We both were shown a composite drawing of this person they were looking for and confirmed that was him. (down to the base ball hat and truck)

    I hope that you can use this information that I know is very important. I believe that he is responsible for many of the girls missing (the I 45 serial killer) (Texas killing fields) and none of the authorities will put these cases together.

    If I can give you any further information my email


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