Green Day Music Video Animator Ariel Costa

Green Day Music Video Animator

Green Day’s latest album Revolution Radio has taken off like wildfire, fueled by the success of the first single Bang Bang. Green Day released two videos and the first to hit was the animated lyric video. These days a lyric can be more important than a theatrical release on social media. We sat down with the animator himself, Ariel Costa, of

With numerous awards to his name, Ariel Costa is a freelancer with a passion for animation. Ariel also recently completed work on a music video for Led Zeppelin. Watching Ariel’s body of work, you can see he has a unique style all his own. Much of that is showcased throughout the Green Day video and his personal projects including Sins.

You can check out Ariel’s complete works at his site and his Vimeo channel:

Preview: Green Day Music Video Animator

Green Day Bang Bang Lyric Video Animator Ariel Costa Interview

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