Directors Cut

While working on a production, three filmmakers, who are life-long friends, accidentally capture a real murder on film and find themselves tangled in a messy web of murder and intrigue. 

“Director’s Cut,” unveils the dark side of a director who will stop at nothing to obtain success, fame and glory. Even his closest friends and colleagues are at risk in this nail-biting thriller. This film captivates the audience, by drawing their attention to a film within a film, as they try to decipher what is real and what is staged.

Seymour The Unfortunate Vampire

Seymour is our pilot for the series. A comedic look into the world of the things that go bump in the night, this not so stereotypical vampire movie. We follow Seymour as he and his friends try to search for a cure for his vampirism. This trailer is just  to wet your appetite for Seymour the Unfortunate Vampire.


Colin awakes bound to a chair in a psychopaths basement only to be held prisoner for three days. Heckler Kane Creations is proud to present our first short film in the horror genre. Twisted will make you squirm in your seat. You can see set photos here: and we’d love to hear what you thought on twitter


Bait follows three friends going on a long overdue fishing trip when trouble catches them. This is the trailer but you can catch the short film on our Short Film Page.