James Gunn Thinks There Are Two Groots

James Gunn Thinks There Are Two Groots

This week’s episode of Comic Movie-10 is especially exciting, as the Kane brothers interview none other than actor Dylan Libby, who is currently touring the country as Groot in Marvel Universe Live: Age of Hero. Joe, Dan, and Libby dive into all things Groot to discuss the origins of and theories surrounding the fan-favorite character.

Although Groot is well known as only being able to say “I am Groot”, Libby explains how intelligent he really is, and addresses how the comics show Groot as reliable and always there to support his allies. One major ally includes Rocket, who he is most commonly seen alongside in comics. Although he was originally portrayed as a villain, he has very clearly become one of comic world’s favorite good guys. With the recent version of a live action Groot seen in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy I and II, fans are dying to see what route is in store in the upcoming film, Infinity War.

The Kane brothers, along with Libby discuss the ways the character has taken on new forms throughout the latest films, including a baby version of Groot. Was this all a ploy to sell more children’s toys, as baby Groot is just so hard to resist, or was it a smart move for the direction of the films? The boys weigh in on this issue, and even consider portions of the Rocket and Groot comics that might lend themselves to Gunn’s version of the character. After watching, please leave comments, questions, and opinions. Do you agree with the Kane brothers, or have new and interesting ideas? Let them know in the comments, and be sure to tune in next time to the latest episode of Comic Movie-10!

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