Casting Picks For The Next Wolverine Movie

Cast Picks for Wolverine Movie

Welcome to this chapter of Comic Movie-10. On this episode, brothers Joe and Dan Kane will be discussing the fate of one of the most beloved comic characters of all time. Marvel’s Wolverine has long been a fan favorite, and since Hugh Jackman’s first appearance as Wolverine in 2000, fans have had trouble envisioning anyone else carrying out this major role. While many superhero movies rotate actors, as seen in the various versions of Batman movies, or even Wolverine’s very own X-Men series, Hugh Jackman has been a constant in the role of Wolverine and his alter-ego, Logan.

The comic world came to a halt in early February when The New York Times ran an article that interviewed Jackman. He was asked if he felt Logan, his latest Wolverine movie, might be his last. Jackman replied, “‘God knows how I’ll feel in three years…But right now, absolutely.’” Although Jackman did not completely reject the idea of working as Wolverine again, with his one word, “absolutely”, many comic fans have begun to question the fate of Wolverine.

During this week’s podcast, Joe and Dan explain all of the reasons Wolverine’s character cannot fade away with Jackman’s retirement. The boys offer up their top choices for future Wolverines, and ironically, many of their choices have deep connections to the comic world already. Some options discussed include The Dark Knight’s own Christian Bale, and Tom Hardy (who is also playing Venom in an upcoming movie), Hellboy’s Ron Pearlman, who also voiced Deathstroke in Justice League Flashpoint, and another actor, Manu Bennett, who has previously lent his acting skills to the character of Deathstroke as well. In addition, the boys discuss actors Gerard Butler and Liam Hemsworth.

Tune in to check out how the brothers rank these actors as possible Wolverines, as well as learn about each one’s connection to the comic world. Gain insight into how specifics about Wolverine’s character allow for the possibility of actors from varying age groups to portray this interesting character. Lastly, learn how the Disney/Fox merger is affecting all things comic-related. After watching, comment your ideas, opinions, and thoughts. Let Joe and Dan know if you agree or disagree, and be sure to tune in next time to see what the Kane brothers have in store.

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