Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker, New Set Photos

Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker, New Set Photos


On this episode of Comic Movie-10, Joe and Dan discuss the upcoming film featuring Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker. Unlike the Heath Ledger version some footage has already been released, sparking some excitement and discussion.\

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Makeup

In this case, Joker appears to be something of a cross between the Heath Ledger presentation, with his hair, but leaning a bit more toward the Cesar Romero rendition. They discuss the new makeup focusing on two aspects. Joe points out that blue triangles are used around the eyes with one pulling down into almost a teardrop. Dan thought all of this was fine but disliked the red nose. He admits that it is a minor issue for him. One he will eventually get over as very insignificant. Christopher Nolan had kept the Ledger makeup under wraps so that the presentation of the movie and acting took place at the same time. This is not the case with this new movie. So, there is a greater opportunity to anticipate the artistic impact.

Dan’s other concern is that this new Joker should not be a rip off of the Ledger performance. Joe isn’t so concerned with this as he is confident that Joaquin Phoenix will deliver something original.

The Killing Joke

It is pointed out that this is a movie about Joker’s origin that hearkens back to the great graphic novel, The Killing Joke. There is a scene that takes place in front of the Amusement Mile, and it appears to be a tribute to this comic. The action in The Killing Joke was set almost exclusively in an amusement park. Joe points out that this Joker has no chemical burns, and no physical scars. These are all psychological as this is a story of origin.

This movie is a “non cannon” DCU. They are calling it DC Black. In other words it will stand alone, unlike the recent Marvel’s movies that are connected and continuations. Joe and Dan are fine with this. They agree that it may be time for such a movie for DC. Perhaps it is better not to copy Marvel.

Joe asked Dan if there were any characters that he would enjoy seeing as cameos. Dan thought that anyone from The Killing Joke would be worth seeing. Getting the back-story on Alfred was what Joe thought would be interesting.

Some actors to look forward to seeing in this film are Robert DeNiro as a comedian, Zazzy Beets as Sophie Dumond and Brett Cullen as Thomas Wayne.

As always, the Kane’s ask what you think and invite you to contrubute. Leave your questions, comments, opinions, and as always, tune in to the next episode of Comic Movie-10.

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