Who Is The Best Spiderman?

Who is the Best Spiderman?

Welcome to Comic Movie-10. On this episode, brothers Joe and Dan Kane compare and contrast the three movie franchises surrounding Stan Lee’s well-known comic book character, Spiderman. The brothers take a look at the various actors who have played Spiderman, as well as their villains and supporting actors, and how these factors have contributed to the overall outcome of these movies.

Tobey Maguire was the first of the actors to play Spiderman in a large screen blockbuster hit. His version of the character’s likeability is widely debated as he ranges from intriguing to corny. The brothers make note of Maguire’s supporting cast members, which include Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, and Topher Grace. The boys weigh in on the supporting characters and how their influences affect the trilogy. They also compare Topher Grace’s version of Venom to the widely anticipated, upcoming version of Venom, played by Tom Hardy.

The next Spiderman up for debate is Andrew Garfield from The Amazing Spiderman Series, which consists of two films. His version of Spiderman’s story is unique and interesting because his love interest is Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone. This is a nod to the old comic versions of Spiderman. Many people are more familiar with Peter Parker’s relationship with Mary Jane Watson; so involving Stacy’s character is a great way to stay true to the comic’s origins.

Lastly, the most recent actor to portray Spiderman on screen is Tom Holland. Something Holland’s character has done that the other actors have not, is crossed over into the world of the Avengers. Fans seem to enjoy this as they see their favorite comic characters’ worlds colliding. This is reminiscent of old comics where Spiderman appeared in many other characters’ storylines. This leaves room for Holland’s character to explore different options in the future. Also, Holland displays major believability as Peter Parker, as he was a teenager himself when he filmed the series.

The brothers want to hear your thoughts and opinions. Who is your favorite Peter Parker? Which version of Spiderman do you most enjoy? Leave your comments, opinions, and questions after watching, and be sure to tune in to the next Comic Movie-10!

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  1. Personally I prefer Andrew Garfield. He’s witty,and successfully refreshed the SpiderMan franchise.
    For favourite movie I’ll go for Amazing SpiderMan 2

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