Why Scorsese & Burton Use The Same Actors In Their Films

Martin Scorsese Tim Burton

Ever Wonder Why Martin Scorsese & Tim Burton Use The Same Actors?

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On this week’s Imperfect Podcast, we discuss the films of Martin Scorcese and Tim Burton. We focus on the common thread of actors each director hires for most of their films. Scorcese tends to favor Harvey Keitel, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Leonardo DiCaprio, while Burton tends to favor Johnny Depp.

We also discuss the style of music each director favors, such as Scorcese’s use of rock and roll music, specifically the Rolling Stones and Burton’s use of the eerie scores of Danny Elfman. We chronicle each director’s films, from their first feature to their new releases.

Scorcese is releasing several films in 2017, two of which he directed; Sinatra and Silence. Burton is set to release Alice Through the Looking Glass later this month and has also agreed to create a live action Dumbo for Disney, with a release date sometime in 2017. The long awaited BEETLEJUICE 2 remains a possibility, but not anytime soon.

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