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Would Henry Cavill Make a Better Batman?


On this episode of Comic Movie-10, the Kane brothers are discussing Henry Cavill and his portrayal of Superman. Cavill has played Superman in Man of Steel, and all the recent DCU Superman films. While there is no doubt that Cavill is in top physical shape and a great actor, the Kane brothers feel he might not be the best choice for the iconic role.

To start, Joe and Dan toss around the idea that Cavill would likely be a much better Batman. Why? This is because Superman is typically seen as a “boy scout” type of guy. He is kind and calm and willing to talk through problems, only fighting when it is absolutely necessary. Cavill’s character however is buff and dark with more of an attitude than the world has ever seen in Superman.

Although Superman has a pretty classic look, Joe points out that in The Animated Series, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent looked basically identical except for the fact that one had glasses, while the other did not. Dan also explains that Clark Kent’s character does not necessarily need to be big and bulky, as his strength comes from the fact that the sun powers him, having come from another planet. Bruce Wayne on the other hand, is expected to be physically fit. For these reasons, along with others, the brothers believe Cavill would be more successful as a Batman than most of the recent Batmans, including Ben Affleck. It should be noted that while there have been Batmans who did not have serious personalities, they were not widely successful in the way others were.

In addition to taking a look at Affleck’s version of Batman, the brothers explain that if this new version of a rougher Superman did not exist, it is likely that Batman vs. Superman would have never existed. The Superman that most of us are familiar with would have talked out his issues with Batman and resolved the fight before getting physical. One major reason that both Superman and Batman have remained crowd favorites throughout the years is that they serve as foils for one another. Cavill’s version of Superman eliminates this aspect.

What do you think of Henry Cavill’s Superman? Would he make a better Bruce Wayne? Leave your comments, questions, and opinions, and as always, tune in to the next episode of Comic Movie-10!

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