How Does The Thanos Snap Affect the Marvel Universe?

thanos snap

On this episode of Comic Movie-10, the Kane brothers explore how connected the Marvel universe really is in the aftermath of Thanos’ snap. They begin by explaining how so much of the MCU is intertwined and connected, but how this does not seem to be the case in terms of the Marvel shows popping up on Netflix.

Overall, it is clear that Thanos’ snap does not impact the Marvel Netflix world in the way it shakes up the big screen Marvel characters. In addition to seeing the initial downfall of many characters in Infinity War, the more recent Ant Man sequel uses its credit scene to connect the film’s characters to the snap.

Joe and Dan explain that there have only been two Marvel Netflix shows that have had seasons released after Infinity War, which might explain the lack of connection between the Netflix characters, and the earth shattering event that took place thanks to Thanos. The two shows that have premiered are S.H.I.E.L.D. season five and the second season of Luke Cage. While S.H.I.E.L.D. did make mention of an attack in New York that can be connected to the snap, it does not allow viewers to experience the immense impact that was felt in Marvel’s cinematic world. It is also worth mentioning that there are zero connections in Luke Cage season two to the events that transpired in Infinity War, although there have been general references to the Avengers throughout the series, which indicates that they do know of each others’ existence.

The Kane brothers end this episode by pointing out that the time lines of each story are important to consider, as it must be figured out when the events of each situation have taken place in regard to the other stories in the MCU. They also pose the question of who is responsible for connecting each story and do the writers, directors, and producers across the board have to ask permission from each other. Season two of Iron Fist is the next Marvel Netflix show to come out with an expected release date in September. Joe and Dan are waiting eagerly to see if there will be any connections to Thanos’ snap and if so, how the connections will be carried out.

Do you believe the entire MCU is connected, including the Netflix versions? Leave your comments, questions, and opinions, and as always, tune in to the next episode of Comic Movie-10!