How Will The Avengers Bring Back Their Fallen Heroes?

In this episode of Comic Movie-10, the Kane brothers divulge their personal theories on how to bring back the fan favorite heroes who were eliminated by Thanos during the recent Avengers Infinity War.

The brothers explain details about the six stones found on Thanos’ gauntlet and what each stands for. They then explain how these stones relate to their theories about how characters may return to the Avengers’ universe. The first theory revolves around Nebula and how old comics indicate she is the only character capable of removing the gauntlet from Thanos’ hand. The theory is that Nebula would then be able to reverse Thanos’ snap that eliminated multiple characters.

The second theory is perhaps the most simplistic, in that it would simply be rewinding time to undo Thanos’ act through the use of the time stone. The third theory would use the reality stone under the assumption that the characters that were killed exist in a separate reality, and perhaps the two realities could collide.

The last theory uses the soul stone. The idea would be that Thanos went into the realm of the soul stone, as it is capable of pulling people in. This would have happened at the moment Thanos wanted to sacrifice Gamora’s life for the soul stone. Ultimately, the soul stone would be showing Thanos the outcome of his actions if he were to follow through with his plan. In this sense, Thanos would have learned a lesson from the soul stone as he was stuck inside of it.

What Are Your Thoughts on The Avengers?

Let Joe and Dan know what you think of their theories. Do you agree, or disagree? Do you have any of your own theories on how the fallen heroes can be brought back, or do you think they are gone for good? Let the Kane brothers know what you think… Leave your comments, questions, and opinions in the comments section after watching, and as always, tune in to the next episode of Comic Movie-10!

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