How Will Gotham’s Bruce Wayne Become Batman?

Bruce Wayne to Btatman

On this episode of Comic Movie-10, the Kane brothers discuss the season 4 finale of Gotham, as well as their expectations and predictions for season five. Unfortunately, Gotham has only been picked up for ten episodes for the upcoming season 5. However, the good news is that the ending of seasons four ensures what is to come will be exciting and interesting.

At the end of season four, viewers see Bruce Wayne take full ownership over the city of Gotham, as he shows he feels responsible to stay and help save the city that is engulfed in chaos. Alfred, a former MI-6, who has trained Bruce in many ways, plans to escape the city and bring Bruce with him. However, Bruce says he feels he must stay and help the citizens of Gotham. In addition, Captain Gordon sends a symbol and afterward meets with Bruce on a rooftop. This is not only a major instance of foreshadowing, but also exciting for those who are true Batman fans.

The completion of the fourth season causes viewers to wonder what will happen next. In almost every version of Batman’s story, Bruce Wayne goes away for years to train in order to become the Dark Knight. Joe and Dan point out that Bruce’s training from Alfred is likely not enough to prepare him to become Batman. Does this mean season five will depict the training he endures, or will they jump ahead in time in order to show Bruce after his full transformation to Batman? The brothers point out that they could jump ahead and use flashbacks to show important portions of his training. This might make sense considering Bruce is currently in his late teenage years, where Batman is typically in his mid-twenties. In addition, the brothers question if Ra’s al Ghul will have a part in Bruce’s learning experience. Although he is assumed dead, viewers cannot be totally sure, and his involvement would be fitting.

Another interesting point to mention is that Gotham is known to be loosely based off of the Batman Zero Years comics, so Bruce’s path in Gotham could be similar to his route in the original comic books.

Lastly, the Kane brothers explain their feelings about the conclusion of the series Smallville (with Clark Kent only showing his Superman shirt under his button down, but never actually acting as Superman), and how they hope Gotham does not end this way, although there is the possibility that it could. Both Joe and Dan agree that this type of ending would not give justice to the anticipation that has built over many seasons, just as the ending of Smallville was in many ways disappointing.

How did you feel about the finale of Smallville? What about Gotham’s season four finale? What are your predictions for season five? Let the brothers know by leaving your comments, questions, and opinions, and as always, tune in to the next episode of Comic Movie-10.

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