5 Worst Superhero Movies

The 5 Worst Superhero Movies Ever


This episode of Comic Movie-10 explores Joe and Dan’s selections for the top five worst superhero movies of all time. In addition to their top five, they include honorable mention of the following movies, Superman IV, Steel, Green Lantern, both Ghost Rider movies, Spiderman III, and Batman Forever. If you thought those movies were bad, just wait until you hear their top five!

Coming in at number five is Superman III. The reason behind this selection is that the brothers feel the first two Superman movies were incredibly well done, while the third was disappointing. It not only lacked a storyline, but also had a likeable villain, who was not well fleshed out as a character.

At number four on the list, the brothers have placed the 2003 film, The Hulk, staring Eric Bana. It was such a bad movie that Dan points out that it took him multiple attempts to even finish the film. This is a difficult feet for comic lovers, as Joe explains that most superhero fans really try to stick through the rough movies, clinging to the positives. Only a few years later, the Hulk franchise was completely rebooted, considering the 2003 version was such a failure.

Third on the list is Catwoman, staring Halle Berry. While she is an amazing actress, who looked incredible in her suit, the film was cheesy with no solid direction. The brothers point out that the dialogue was corny, and the story felt as though the plot never picked up.

The brothers have placed Daredevil at the second spot on the list. Their reasoning for this is the lack luster of each character. They mention a scene where it appears that Daredevil and Elektra are battling each other at a playground for no apparent reason. The movies absence of a storyline, along with its boring villain, Bullseye, played by Colin Farrell, helped to create one of the worst superhero movies of all time.

And finally, number one on the list, the worst superhero movie of all time is Batman and Robin. Although the casting of this film would appear to have all of the makings for an incredible movie, that was certainly not the case. The brothers point out how Joel Schumacher’s involvement in the movie as director simply fell short after the direction of Tim Burton during the first two movies of the franchise. In addition, many of the characters were incredibly cheesy, including Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze, who is supposed to be one of the most exciting villains of all time. Overall, the story fell very short of people’s expectations.

The brothers want to know if you love any of these terrible movies, or if you feel there are other movies that should have made the list. Let them know by leaving your comments, questions, and opinions. As always, tune in to the next episode of Comic Movie-10!

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