Nora Allen Flash Season 5

How Will Nora Allen Effect The Flash Season 5?


This episode of Comic Movie-10 focuses on Nora Allen’s appearance on the season four finale of The Flash, entitled “We are Flash”. Although viewers have seen her three earlier times on this season, it is not until this final episode that it is understood who this mystery girl is. Nora is in fact, Barry Allen, and Iris West Allen’s adult daughter who has traveled from the future. What is still unclear however, is how and why she has come back in time.

The three earlier times that Nora is seen are during the crossover event, when she spills coffee at the local coffee house, and when she brings baby gifts for Joe and Cecile’s baby. The director of The Flash has indicated that he intends to flesh out each of these instances during season five in order to explain why Nora was present for these moments. The Kane brothers make note of the fact that Nora looks very different in each moment she is present on the show. Her hair and overall style appear very differently, which might lend itself to the fact that she is traveling from different times. They question whether she does or does not have control of her time traveling and what could be so important that she feels she must go back in time to warn and help her family.

According to the original comics, Barry and Iris had twins, named Don and Dawn. This leaves viewers questioning if she is one of the twins, but with a different name, and if so, where is her twin brother? Or perhaps, they have made the characters have twin daughters instead, which begs the question, where is her twin sister? Have we already seen her, and not actually seen Nora all four times? Does that explain why she has a different style each time we see her? Of course the writers could have decided to break from tradition, doing away with the concept of twins, and having Barry and Iris have only one daughter, Nora. These are all questions that are begging to be answered, and will no doubt be addressed during season five. However, in the meantime, the Kane brothers want to hear your theories. Leave your comments, questions, and opinions in the comments section, and as always, tune in to the next episode of Comic Movie-10!

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