The Marvel Venom Trailer Reviewed in 10 Minutes

The Marvel Venom Trailer A Quick Review

On this episode of Comic Movie-10, brothers Joe and Dan Kane tackle the newly released Marvel Venom trailer. They uncover all of the potential routes this movie may take, as only true comic book movie lovers can.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the origins of Venom, he is well known for being one of Spider-Man’s most rivaled arch-villains. Venom first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man as a symbiote that had to attach to a living creature to remain alive. Most of the original comics portrayed him attaching first to Peter Parker before later attaching to Eddie Brock, the character most typically known as Venom’s alter ego.

During this podcast, Joe and Dan examine the trailer in order to make sense of the latest version of Venom’s story. They discuss the appearance of the Golden Gate Bridge, and how a potential setting in San Francisco rather than the typical Manhattan might lend itself to the unique plot seen in The Venom Lethal Protector Series, where Venom is a protagonist. The boys also share their opinions on the confirmed cast, which includes Oscar nominated Tom Hardy (who is no stranger to playing a super-villain), Michelle Williams as Ann Weying, and Riz Ahmed as Dr. Carlton Drake. Their conversation explores the likelihood of the inclusion of other Marvel characters such as Carnage and Lady-Venom, as well as how this version of Venom might display the symbiote taking a new route of attachment to its victims. The brothers also toss around the idea of a possible cameo by Tom Holland as Peter Parker, and how this addition to the movie might affect the story line.

Tune in if you need to learn more about the history of Venom in the comics, or want to stimulate your love for Marvel, and all things comic book movie related by gaining a new perspective.

Feel free to post comments and questions after watching, and check back for the next episode of Comic Movie-10.


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