Henry Cavill Out As Superman

Who Cares if Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck Leave the DCEU?


On this episode of Comic Movie-10, the Kane brothers discuss the recent news about Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck leavening the DCEU. These two are currently playing Superman and Batman respectively. Joe and Dan recall

A Masterclass in Documentary Film Making with Tom Jennings

A Masterclass in Documentary Film Making with Tom Jennings


Tom Jennings is an award winning documentary filmmaker and journalist. Tom has written, directed and produced more than 400 hours of programming on a variety of topics including politics, religion, history, crime and sports to

Childlike Empress Tami Stronach

Tami Stronach: A Childlike Empress All Grown Up


This week we interview actress Tami Stronach who made her acting debut as The Childlike Empress in the Neverending Story in 1984. The Neverending Story, which catapulted Stronach to stardom, has been a huge inspiration

Robert Craighead Interview

Robert Craighead, Country Singer to TV Series Regular


Robert Craighead has been a notable character actor in Hollywood for over 30 years, with roles in over 40 feature films, hundreds of television appearances, performed in over 100 stage productions across the U.S. and

Top 10 Classic TV Show Theme Songs

Top 10 Classic TV Theme Songs


On this week’s Imperfect Podcast, we discuss the Top 10 TV Show Theme Songs and what makes them memorable. We speak about how some theme songs set the tone for the show, such as the