Fancasting: Who Should Be In The Next Green Lantern Movie?


On this episode of Comic Movie-10, Joe and Dan discuss who they think would make the best candidates for casting as new Green Lantern characters, John Stewart, and Hal Jordan. They believe the creation of a film, featuring Green Lantern, or including one as part of the Justice League is overdue.

Green Lantern Favorites List

One of their favorites for the John Stewart character includes Idris Elba. Elba has played more than one super hero and having been killed off in the Marvel Universe, the timing may be perfect.

Both Joe and Dan enthusiastically agreed that a great choice for the role would also be Michael B. Jordan. They gave high praise for his role as the human torch and Dan expressed the sentiment that he was “Fantastic.” Both also thought his performance in Black Panther was “awesome.”

Another of their choices for the John Stewart role is Henry Simmons who is still currently playing the role of Mack on Agents of Shield. Some Marvel fans might not be pleased to see him go and he is expected to be on the show for at least another season. Joe describes him as the perfect “bad ass,” or “ruffian with great appeal.”

Who Should play Hal Jordan?

The Kanes moved on to discuss who they felt would best fill the role of Hal Jordan. This character needs to be likable but with an edge and a heart of gold. Topping the list and filling these requirements was Jensen Ackles, currently playing Dean Winchester in the CW series Supernatural. He was the voice of “Red Hood,” and has a fun persona that would well suit the role of Green Lantern.

John Krasinski , “needs to be a comic book hero,” according to the brothers. Joe and Dan admit to naming this star of the new series Jack Ryan, several times for many castings.

What About Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern?

Getting a pass for his previous role as Green Lantern is Ryan Reynolds. The movie was bad, not the actor and he could be given another shot at the spot, as long as it didn’t preclude his continued portrayal as Dead Pool. The Kane brothers are obvious fans of this actor as well as that of Bradley Cooper. He knocked it out of the park as the voice of Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. Both fit the bill for good guy with rough edges.

Joe and Dan concluded with, “No CGI costumes for Green Lantern!”

Do you agree or disagree with Joe and Dan? Who else would make a great Green Lantern? How would you rate the stars the brothers have chosen? Leave your questions, comments, opinions, and as always, tune in to the next episode of Comic Movie-10.

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  1. For the movie, I like Tom Cruise, offtopic for the tv version of Greg Berlanti I want Ian Somerhalder as Green Lantern or the model PIETRO BOSELLI if not Ian.

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