Why Was The Wonder Woman Movie A Hit?

Why Was Wonder Woman A Hit

This episode of Comic Movie-10 addresses the latest interpretation of Wonder Woman. In 2017, the movie Wonder Woman was released, and although fans of the DC Universe had seen Gal Gadot’s cameo in Batman vs. Superman, the world was really unsure what this new movie would be about.

Much to DC fans’ pleasure, Dot proved herself to be an incredible leading lady. What is even more impressive is that the movie is full of female power, as a female directs it, and the story line circulates entirely around a female in the leading role as a superhero. The Kane brothers agree that the writing and delivery of the story are incredible, and the information presented is historically accurate and interesting. The movie displays high action and intense, real emotion. Joe and Dan explain how this film has really surpassed many of the other DC movies and they speculate on why that might be. They also address how much money the film brought in, and compare that to other DC movies.

Have you watched Wonder Woman yet? Let the Kanes know, and leave your comments, questions, and opinions below. Be sure to tune in next time to the next episode of Comic Movie-10!

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