Who would you pick for the next VS Movie? (In Honor of Batman v Superman)

On this week’s Imperfect Podcast, in honor of the new movie, Batman vs. Superman, we discuss what superheroes we would like to see in a battle. When considering the winner, it is important to state the specific scenarios in which the fight ensues, for example in a battle between Aquaman and Spiderman, Aquaman is a sure win if it takes place in the water, but in the middle of Manhattan, Spiderman would certainly be the victor. When discussing our individual picks, some of our battles obviously lean in one direction such as the Human Torch vs. Plasticman, while others are more evenly matched like Batman vs. Ironman (a battle of brains and technology) and Hawkeye vs. Green arrow (DC and Marvel counterparts). In the end, it was decided that it is too difficult to pick a winner in many of our matches, but we all agree that they would be a sight to see.

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