Suicide Squad Review

Suicide Squad Review – This Summer’s Big ‘Leto’ Let Down


This week on the Imperfect Podcast we review Suicide Squad but first here’s what’s happening in TV & Film in the news:

  • Dolph Lundgren stars as Big Bad in russian flashback sequences in the next season of Arrow. This is the 5th season and should mark the end of Oliver’s flashbacks from his missing time in the series via
  • Gorilla Grodd returns in the new season of The Flash, it has been confirmed that there will be a 2 part episode featuring Gorilla City. Also confirmed is a cross over episode with Supergirl & The Flash Musical via
  • Gotham casts Benedict Samuel as the Mad Hatter for Season 3 of Batman Origin Series via
  • Legends of Tomorrow has cast Sarah Grey as Stargirl and will also be featured in the upcoming Power Rangers movie via
  • Ghostbusters sequel is not likely after reboot loses $75 million via

Suicide Squad Review Highlights

  • As comic book fans, this was a movie we all looked forward. There were high expectations not having seen many of these characters on screen before!
  • Did Margot Robbie deliver as Harley Quinn?  We think so
  • Will Smith didn’t really own the role as Deadshot.
  • Jared Leto’s letdown as the Joker. Was he the main reason for all the terrible reviews?
  • Viola Davis commands a strong performance as Amanda Waller
  • Diablo has the biggest character arc in the movie
  • Boomerang wins the award for most useless character
  • Captain Flag has a solid performance that was almost forgettable
  • The Enchantress conjures nostalgic feelings of Ghostbusters in her final scene. Anyone else reminded of Zuul?

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