Code 8 Gets full Funding By Crowdfunding, Find Out How.


On this week’s Imperfect Podcast, we discuss the short film Code 8, starring Robbie Amell; written by Jeff Chan and Chris Paré.  It was directed by Jeff Chan and produced by Steven Amell. Steven was supposed to play the lead roll, but due to his commitment on Arrow and the Ninja Turtles movie, he decided to become the Executive Producer instead.  The film acts as an extended trailer to gain the interest of would-be investors to help fund the full-length feature. Through Crowd funding, (Indiegogo) the film does not have to wait for a studio to green light the project. The creators of the film can make the film the way their artistic eye sees fit, without any outside interference. We discuss the quality of the short film and give our full endorsement. If you haven’t seen Code 8 yet, check it out on youtube or go to

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