Review of the Purge Election Year and Long Island Film Expo Wrap Up


The first Purge movie gave a great set up for this sequel, The Purge: Election Year. They do it again, using the world we’ve come to know from the first two movies exploring the best Purge yet.


Frank Grillo returns as Leo Barnes, a former cop and Edwin Hodge as Dante Bishop, from the first film who is now a revolutionist. Bishop leads the anti-government movement and Barnes is the head of security for Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell). Roan is running for president on an anti-Purge platform.


Election Year strays from being a straight horror film. It has a few scares, but delivers a much more involved discussion of politics, racism, and other social issues.

The Imperfect Podcast discusses the film in this episode:

Also on the episode: We discuss our experience at the Long Island International Film Expo and the other short films we had the privilege of viewing. Stuck In Mute, Twisted, Carousel Man, Line To the Wall, and The Guest.

Check out Heckler Kane’s interview at the film festival:

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