Cinematographer Donavan Sell

Donavan Sell Discusses Cinematography as an Art Form


On this week’s Imperfect Podcast, we have a 2-part special with professional cinematographer Donavan Sell. In part 1, we have an in depth discussion about cinematography as an art form as well as the practical nature of working in the business. We also cover the challenges that cinematographers face today.

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Donavan Sell Interview Part 2

In part 2, our discussion becomes much more personal. We discuss family, career decisions, film challenges and his experiences in California. Watch Donovan’s latest commercial for the Dunlop MXR Reverb guitar pedal. This commercial was filmed with a small crew, but of the highest quality. The cinematography is excellent as Donovan Sell is able to combine the artist and practical side in this commercial.

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Watch Donavan’s Commercial for Dunlop

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