Marvel Top 5 End Credit Scenes

marvel end credit scenes

On this episode of Comic Movie-10, the Kane brothers list their top five favorite end credit scenes found in Marvel movies. Joe and Dan explain how these scenes give the viewers a private look into the future of Marvel movies. These brief minutes allow Marvel lovers an inside look into where the characters’ stories will take the world.

At the number five spot is the scene found at the end of X-Men Days of Future Past. This scene shows EN Sabah Nur controlling the ancient Egyptian pyramids as the four horsemen of the apocalypse ride into view. This is a chilling cinematic moment, as it not only sets the scene for the next X-Men movie, but it also allows viewers to infer how long these super-humans have been present in the world.

Coming in at number four is the Ferris Bueller scene at the end of the first Deadpool movie. The brothers acknowledge that of all the choices on their list, this is the only one that does not further the movie’s plot line. However they feel that it pokes fun at pop culture, and the Marvel’s world, and sets the characters up for the sequel that was to come.

Third place on the list is reserved for the scene following Avenger’s Age of Ultron. In this clip, viewers see Thanos putting on the gauntlet for the first time. For any real comic lovers in the world, this is an extremely impactful moment. Those who are familiar with the older comics know that this certainly shifts the Marvel’s universe forever, as Thanos makes the decision to work independently. As can be seen in the most recent Avenger’s movie, Infinity War, Thanos’ decision in that moment changes everything.

At second place, the Kane brothers have selected the Shwarma scene following the first Avengers movie. The Avengers are sitting around a table eating after a huge battle. No one says a word, but the viewers are able to see these god-like characters with humanistic qualities for a change. They appear hungry and exhausted, and it really hits home with those who watch it. Also, there is something interesting about one of the characters, as he is the only one who is not eating. Make sure to watch this episode to find out why, and let the brothers know if you have ever noticed this fact before.

Lastly, in first place is the Avenger’s Initiative scene at the end of Iron Man. During this scene Nick Fury tells Tony Stark that he is not the only one out there. Although this seems like such a simple moment, it is really the beginning of the Avenger’s existence. This single moment set up the Marvel’s film industry and is continuing to impact the Avengers’ fate over a decade later.

Do you feel there are any more credit scenes that should have made the list? After watching, let the Kane brothers know where your opinions vary, or have similarities. Let them know your comments, questions, and opinions, and as always, tune in to the next episode of Comic Movie-10!

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