Who Would You Cast in The Fantastic Four?

Casting the Next Fantastic 4 Movie

On this episode of Comic Movie-10, the Kane brothers give their casting selections for a future Fantastic Four movie. As real comic fans know, there have been versions of Fantastic Four movies that unfortunately fell short.

Joe and Dan believe they have casting ideas that along with the right script would make the next Fantastic Four movie highly successful. Starting with Mr. Fantastic, the brothers selected actor John Krasinski, who has displayed his playful side on The Office, along with his more serious acting abilities in his recent film A Quiet Place.

Next up would be Bryce Dallas Howard, who is well known from her recent movie Jurassic World. The brothers point out her ability to show both confidence and quirkiness simultaneously, and how her strengths and vulnerabilities would lend themselves well to the part of Susan Storm. The role of Johnny Storm would be ideal for an actor like Zac Efron because in the brothers’ opinions because he is both a pretty boy and a tough enough actor to handle the role.

Next up, the brothers discuss Live Schreiber as The Thing. They believe he would be a good fit because he has been successful in the past at playing the big, tough guy, and his menacing voice would be ideal for the part. Lastly, the boys’ pick for Doctor Doom goes to Jon Hamm from Mad Men, as he can speak intelligently and portray someone with a lot of class, while still being capable of having a darkside.

Would you like to see a new version of the Fantastic Fours? If so, who would your choices be? Do you agree or disagree with the Kane brothers’ selection? Let them know in the comments section after watching. As always, be sure to tune in next time to Comic Movie-10 for all things comic related!

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