How Will Black Lightning Fit Into the Arrowverse?

How Will Black Lightning Fit Into the Arrowverse?

On this episode of Comic Movie-10, the Kane brothers delve into the world of Black Lightning with the intension of understanding how this phenomenal show may tie into the Arrowverse. Black Lightning and his alter ego Jefferson Pierce is played by actor Cress Williams.

Although Pierce gave up being the superhero, when the drug Green Light began destroying his neighborhood, Black Lightning decided to return to his job of protecting the community. Similarly to his night job, Pierce attempts to save the neighborhood during the day as the principal of the local high school. The show is very compelling and shows the constant fight between Black Lightning and the antagonist, Tobias Whale. Whale uses the people of the community for experimentation without regard to the side affects. In this sense, Tobias Whale serves as a foil for Black Lightning’s character.

The Kane brothers dive deep into theories surrounding how this show, which is rougher around the edges than the Arrowverse shows, might fit into the same world. The most basic connection revolves around the fact that similarly to other shows, Black Lightning has metahumans. This might imply that some of the Arrowverse shows could possibly be set in the same universe as Black Lightning. There is also the fact that Pierce’s youngest daughter made comments to her mother after learning of her own super powers. These comments alluded to the fact that people in Black Lightning’s life are aware of both Vixen and Supergirl’s existence.

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