Why does Hollywood Make Bad Movies and the top 7 pieces of indie film gear

We came across an article from Screen Craft that led us to the question of why does Hollywood make bad movies.  In its most simplistic form the movie business is just that, a business. There is a guarantee by doing a sequel or hopping onto a franchise that already exists that money will come In. To put this simply, if there is a “name brand” on your product you are more likely to succeed and bring in a higher income. If the average film costs 30 million to make and the movie takes in 100 million it is still considered a flop by todays standards.

When trying to get investors in a film they are less likely to “roll the dice” if the property has not been proven before. For example there have been movies made like the Sharknado sequels that are horrible but just because it retains that branded name of Sharknado we as consumers still watch. Now this example holds a critically bashed movie in the light but what about a sequel of a higher regarded movie like Jaws? Jaws is rated in the top movies of all time by IMDB and many others but still spawned three more that got progressively worse. With a budget of 23 million and a us gross of only 20 million those numbers just don’t add up but somehow the movie is still greenlit by the studios based on it’s name.

Here is the deal, Hollywood continues to try to bank on big names and not take chances on the little guy with what could have been much better movies. That’s based on you the viewer who comes out in droves to see something familiar. You don’t want crappy movies, take your money to smaller name movies. That will force a change.

Check out the comentary on this topic on the Imperfect Podcast. They talk about Why Hollywood makes bad  movies and make your decision. Also for the independent film maker you can get some tips on how to make a DIY Lavalier microphone from Hollwood Know How and a list of the essential indie film Gear.  

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