Did you See Captain America Civil War Yet? We did, See if You Agree With Us!

On this week’s Imperfect Podcast, we review Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. In one of our last podcasts, we made predictions about the upcoming film, and are surprised that most of those predictions were wrong. The film does not mimic the comic books in many respects, which I guess would be too predictable. Although Spiderman was shown in the trailer, it wasn’t clear which side he was on. Some of the shots in the trailer were actually cut to exclude Spiderman in the fighting, so it could be kept a mystery. Spiderman’s role was that of the comic relief. He wouldn’t stop talking during the battle. Even though he was fighting against other superheroes, he showed them respect as if he were a baseball rookie playing against Babe Ruth. One thing that we were all impressed with was when Tony Stark introduces a new virtual reality technology to his former college, MIT, and shows a younger version of himself. The VFX was incredible because most of the audience knows exactly how a young Robert Downey Jr. looks. It is one of those movies that you appreciate more on the big screen rather than on your T.V at home, so if you didn’t get a chance to see this film, now is the time.

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